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SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN called it “[the] famous poster by Gerry Mooney”. It’s been referenced everywhere from Encyclopedia Britannica to The Simpsons. I’ve sold over 5,000, to teachers, lawyers, pilots and even regular people. A parole officer in Florida ordered six for his clients.

I first published the Gravity Poster as a two-color promotional mailer for my illustration business when I landed in New York. It caught the attention of the editor at ISAAC ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE and they asked if I could spin this humor up into a regular feature for their magazine. Thus began a three-year gig with my “Mooney’s Module” feature appearing in each and every issue beginning in July 1982, until they found me and had me escorted from the building.

In 1986 I published the glossy, full color version, sold a bunch, and then Al Gore or someone invented the internet, and I sold a bunch more. It has been reproduced and analyzed in books on law, medicine and philosophy. It was developed into a fake radio ad by the American Comedy Network.

Page 72 of the February, 2004 issue of Scientific American. You could look it up.

And it turns out I still have a couple laying around! So if you like a little levity with your gravity, the price is still the same, $15.95 covers the poster and all postage and handling, and I personally pack and ship each one. You can have them autographed, or sent to another address, or both, why not.

All orders are processed through PayPal, a trustworthy and secure gateway, and you don’t need a PayPal account to pay this way.

Sorry but at this time my PayPal account can only accept U.S. orders. If you want to order one for overseas delivery, drop me a line and it can be easily arranged.

Click here to visit the purchase page and to read the HISTORY OF GRAVITY!

Also, some great framing news…

When I published the Gravity Poster at 16″x24″, it was a nice size for the poster, but it was never a standard frame size, so framing the Gravity Poster could get expensive, or you just stuck it up with thumbtacks.

But these days, it’s the same dimensions as a digital photo, so 16″x24″ is now a standard frame size and is easily available at Michael’s, Amazon, or any art or framing place. You can get the Gravity Poster into a frame for around twenty bucks.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog! Dickens will return soon, and in the meantime you can drop me a line at dickens@mooneyart.com.

Author: mooney2021

I am a commercial artist and illustrator from New York and now retired. I'm also a longtime Charles Dickens fan and I've embarked on a project to illustrate his great BLEAK HOUSE.

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